Welcome to the website for SPANNERED BOOKS, a new small press from Bristol, England, specialising in beautiful books about underground parties and the life that swirls around them. Our first release, ‘Spannered‘, is a raw, funny, and moving book about the 90s free-party scene, and is available now. Our next book – ‘The Secret Lives of Freaks‘ – will be released on 19th June 2017.


The Secret Lives Of Freaks

‘Alex’s eyes flickered and began to open, but the bright sunlight made him think again. “Where am I?” he thought…’

Here are nine short stories that travel from treetops in the middle of nowhere to the rooftops of inner-city squats, via rampaging junkies, runaway teenagers, and deeply weird political protests. These chaotic, funny, and tragic tales are full of rare gems, total confusion, and a strange kind of hope.

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‘It creeps up on us, quietly at first, attracting people out of the shadows, inviting us to make this derelict space a dancefloor. The volume reaches a gratifyingly loud level and I realise that this really is going to happen, this really is going to go off…’

A book about free-parties, friendship, and dancing, Spannered captures the reality of the 90s party underground in all it’s grime and glory.

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Spannered tells it how it is, so forget what you might of read in The Sun about urban raves. This is the real-deal.

Chris Liberator (Stay Up Forever Records)